About Us

Learn more about what drives HomeMore to provide ingenious space-saving and multifunctional furniture to the global market.

Redefining Furniture

We’re Maximizing Living Spaces for More Comfortable Families

We Deliver Space-Saving Solutions

HomeMore is a furniture manufacturer that focuses on developing quality furniture that offers more than just the expected. Our products cater to the need for space-saving options, particularly in small living areas and multifunctional furniture for a comfortable user experience.

Dedicated Partner for One-Stop Service

While we’re positioned as a manufacturer, we also aim to provide a complete range of services you’ll find nowhere else. From offering a wide range of marketable smart furniture to giving exceptional installation and technical support assistance, you can rely on us to lead your brand to success.


HomeMore’s Story of Success

Over the years, HomeMore has grown in both vision and production prowess. What started as simple repair tasks for basic household electronics continued to expand into a full-swing manufacturer of space-saving and smart furniture.

Now, with a globally-competitive production facility and three warehouses on the west, HomeMore is positioned to provide the international market with innovative space-saving solutions.

We Progress Through Team Effort

At HomeMore, we believe in the value of teamwork. As such, we closely work with a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing their expertise and skillset to create impeccable pieces of modern functional furniture.

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What to Expect in Our Furniture

In-House Design

Capable team of designers develops the concept, aesthetics, and performance capabilities of our furniture. We carefully study the current trends in furniture, along with consumer demands, and flesh out our products to meet both.


Flexibility is an integral part of all our smart furniture, allowing them to adapt to the demands of the modern household and be more than just static fixtures. They’re more than just furniture; they’re entertainment and space-saving products as well.

Modern Technology

Technology moves at breakneck speeds nowadays, and keeping up with its direction is essential for product longevity. HomeMore utilizes the latest electronic and communication technology in every piece of furniture, ensuring they’re ahead of the curve.

The HomeMore Philosophy

With a strong desire for innovation and creation, HomeMore was founded to bring the future to the now. Answering the call for “the furniture of the future,” we see the robust technology integration in modern home products.

Sharing this passion with our team, we strive to meet space-saving and functional furniture demand through continuous development and superior manufacturing processes.

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Every Day, In Everything We Do, We Pursuit


We take ideas from real life and turn them into functional furniture.


Expert craftsmanship results in durable and long-lasting furniture.


From consultation to installation, we’re here to guide you through.


Our furniture is made with ethically sourced materials and responsible manufacturing.