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HomMore offers an exquisite custom furniture line with innovative space-saving and multifunctional features that maximize the consumer’s homes.
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Space Saving Series

The acceleration of global urbanization pushes modern housing towards smaller living spaces. This current trend in space allocation requires homeowners to have furniture that allows them to make the most out of their minimal areas.

Our range of ingenious furniture helps maximize every millimeter of the living space through clever design features. The combination of strong R&D and robust production capabilities ensures you get the best furniture for your market.

P04 By Function Electronic Function

Smart Furniture Series

Smart furniture is an emerging trend in the furniture industry, where modern electronics are applied to the design and construction of household products.

Having a vision of merging impressive furniture with smart functionality, we integrate various features on our furniture products like never possible. These features include Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers, making everyday tasks easier, faster, and more accessible.

What Makes HomeMore Furniture a Cut Above the Rest


Get customized furniture with features specifically made to your needs.

Build to Last

Established construction process ensures superior durability and longevity.

Reliable High-End Mechanism

Sophisticated design offers next-level mechanism for our furniture.