Dependable Quality

Experienced QC inspectors regularly check and test all of our custom furniture to ensure your orders meet your expectations.

Strict Raw Material Selection, Marketable Furniture Features.

All raw material we receive goes through a strict screening process that our experts handle. We make sure the wood, leather, sponge, iron, and fabric components can provide our furniture with reliable durability and function.

Space Saving Furniture Premium Wood Material

Global QC Test Standards, Exportable to Lucrative Markets.

HomeMore conducts regular testing on our furniture to ensure it complies with global standards on safety and performance. Each test and inspection is accomplished by our experienced QC team to find any possible flaws among our furniture and correct them immediately.

Drop Test

The integrity and durability of our furniture are tested through our drop test. We take note of the height of each fall to know much force our furniture can withstand.

EMC Testing

To ensure the smart function of our furniture can achieve the expected performance under certain electromagnetic environments, we utilize the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test. The magnetic field can show us how our furniture reacts to any electromagnetic disturbance.

Aging Test

By exposing our furniture to UV rays, saltwater, and other elements, we get a clear grasp of our product’s resiliency and life span when used in certain environments. The aging test allows us to find the means to increase the service life of our furniture.

We Stand behind the Quality of Our Products, Providing Peace of Mind.

HomeMore prides itself as a prime manufacturer of space saving furniture and multifunctional furniture made with premium materials, high value for quality, and superior craftsmanship.