Smart Furniture Series

We take contemporary furniture to the next level through the ingenious fusion of modern electronic technology in our finely-crafted furniture.

Your Reliable Smart Furniture Manufacturer in China

HomeMore is a smart furniture company that stands out from other manufacturers for integrating state-of-the-art technology and trends into furniture production. Following our establishment in 2004, we’ve remained steadfast with the goal of redefining furniture across different applications, including homes, offices, outdoors, and hallways. With our products, spaces are well maximized and the furniture is more multifunctional, providing an improved user experience and free areas that can be used for other purposes.
As a leading smart furniture manufacturer, we produce products that possess outstanding properties, hence offering exceptional benefits and lasting for a long period of time. Having a strong desire to bring the future to the present, every product made in our smart furniture factory is created with the latest technologies. In addition to our capability to meet all smart furniture design demands, we offer all-round services, such as free consultation, installation assistance, technical support, etc. You can rely on HomeMore to start your smart furniture business and get a custom solution.

Wide Variety of Smart Technology Furniture

Considering several factors like the average person’s lifestyle and smart furniture market demands, we create several types of smart space-saving furniture. They include:

Benefits of Our Smart Furniture

Furniture plays significant roles across all settings, contributing to users’ comfortability as well as the environment's decoration and management. The smart furniture market has seen immense growth following the advancement of technology, increased craving for comfort, improved aesthetics, and better space management. This translates to high profits for every business that partakes in the uprising of the market.

The increase in smart furniture demand is also a result of its application across different industries. This furniture serves several purposes, such as electronic functions like additional speakers, LED lights, and sensor lights, as well as space-efficient functions like folding, wall-mounted, and transformable.

Due to the benefits derived from smart furniture designs, customers love them, making every business involved thrive.

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Our Capability

Thanks to the extensive ability of our R&D team, we are capable of manufacturing smart technology furniture that creates a beautiful and comforting environment.
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Space-saving Furniture

At HomeMore, we develop marketable and sophisticated furniture that offers space-saving solutions, granting users comfort and freedom.

Trendy and Modern Designs

Our products are never outdated. We incorporate new styles and technologies, making them appealing to every eye.

Robust Customization

Having highly-skilled workers with a fully-equipped smart furniture factory, we are able to create all kinds of furniture regardless of the complexities.

After-sales Services

In addition to offering installation and technical assistance, professional experts are available 24/7 to provide answers to all inquiries.

How it Works

We aim to make our partnership seamless, hence, these simple steps.
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Design Selection

A variety of designs are available for selection, thus there are many options for all applications. They are uniquely crafted to serve different purposes.
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Thanks to our robust manufacturing capabilities, we work on your customization requirements and provide the best solution.
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Mass Production and Testing

We commence mass production and thoroughly test them to ensure they are exactly as your specifications. All defects are immediately modified.
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Packaging and Delivery

The smart furniture is carefully packaged and delivered by our trusted courier partners. Your order will be received within the lead time.