Custom Options

Make stand-out furniture choices with our custom options for battery capacity, design, logo, product material and more to help cement brand loyalty.

Diverse Customization, Attracting with Creativity.

With diverse options for custom furniture come opportunities to display your creative vision and to offer many selections that meet many market needs, all at once attracting more customers to your brand.

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Battery Capacity, 3,000-9,000mAh

With a high battery capacity to power various devices, we provide your customers with flexible, more affordable choices in battery capacity for your line of products.

Logo Printing, Diverse Options to Attract Customers.

Homemore Logo 01
Laser Printing, Precise Results.

Laser printers provide an accurate engraving of your logo to blend well with the surface of our products.

Space Saving Dining Room Furniture Eco-Friendly Material 02
Thermal Transfer, Clean Logo.

Your logo can be embedded with heat and pressure to maintain its attractive colors on the surface.

Homemore Logo 01
Stamp Mark, Authentic Identifier.

Placing a stamp over our furniture can help cement your identity as a capable furniture brand.

Space Saving Dining Room Furniture Eco-Friendly Material 01
Silk Printing, Colorful Presentation.

By painting your logo over a screen, we ensure a clean print that leaves no excess ink over the surface of our furniture.

Clean MDF Boards, Lasting, Eco-friendly Material.

Customized Surface. Clean and Attractive.

We have different materials for the surface of our furniture to choose from and they have been tested.