By Function

HomeMore offers an exquisite custom furniture line with innovative space-saving and multifunctional features that maximize the consumer’s homes.

Intelligent Furniture for the Homes of Tomorrow

HomeMore is your answer to modern furniture needs for furniture with unique functions and designs. We produce furniture with features like LED lights and wireless charging. Our products also include space-saving transforming chairs and tables that appeal to the modern market.

Space Saving Furniture With Smart Functions

The Electronics

HomeMore provides furniture with a modern twist; we integrate electronics with elegant furniture design, making it a classy and functional piece of appliance. We combine speakers, wireless charging, RGB, LED, and motion lights with furniture that captures your target market.

Multi-Functional Space Saving Furniture

Space-Efficient Furniture

Our smart furniture is not just for looks; providing space-saving tables and chairs that are foldable or expandable depending on your specifications would attract clients. For space-saving chairs and tables, HomeMore’s smart furniture is your best solution in the market today.