Advanced Manufacturing

Using the latest machinery enables us to quickly produce within short deadlines while consistently maintaining quality in every step.

Advanced Manufacturing Capability, Efficiency Within Our 10,000㎡
plant area.

Supplying 5, 000 pieces per month, our factory’s production lines manufacture and assemble at fast speeds to deliver within lead times. Our craftsmen comply with your requirements to produce furniture and speakers of various sizes and looks, while ensuring easy installation for any application.

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Double the Production, One Stop for Furniture and Speakers.

As your one-stop destination for advanced furniture and sofas, we have production lines running simultaneously in the factory for faster production. Traditional furniture factories may have only one production line and source speakers from others. We make the whole process convenient by providing you a direct line to receive custom furniture and speakers of industry quality.

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Experienced Workers

With 10 years of producing speakers and 17 years of making smart furniture, our team can produce both product lines under one roof. Attention to detail and creative craftsmanship are what make our experts capable of realizing your diverse demands, creating a wide array of custom products befitting your brand.

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Top Technical Team

Ensure you can readily provide support to your customers by asking for our technical training and expertise. Along with training, we make sure our furniture is installed carefully and no technical problems arise.