Founder Story

From a humble beginning, Mr. Liu established a trusted smart furniture manufacturer that aims to improve everyone’s lives.

Solid Foundation, Greatness from Small Beginnings.

Joe gained a crucial insight when he was fixing TV and radios, how to find the source of the problem and correct it by understanding circuit diagrams. His insight allows him to optimize the electronics’ function. Over the years, his interest in electronic engineering will be the solid foundation of HomeMore.

HOMEMORE Experienced & Professional Staff 02
HOMEMORE Experienced & Professional Staff 01

Smart and Resourceful, Solid Funding Expertise.

Joe’s incredible resourcefulness and financial expertise allow him to raise funds for his small factory. He was also able to gather friends to be his key partners in the industry. As technology advances to influence all aspects of human life, Mr. Liu became adamant in establishing a strong foothold in this industry.

Smart Furniture, Designing The Technological Furniture of the Future.

By observing young consumers, we can create smart furniture that offers functionality and stability. Homemore furniture also has smart features such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, voice-activated functions, and much more. By keeping ourselves updated with current technology trends, we help you make an impact in your target market.

Smart Space Saving Living Room Furniture Solutions 01
5-in-1 Ottoman Dining Table & Chairs Set 01

Space Saving, Optimizing the Interior Space.

HomeMore specializes in the space-saving furniture industry where we “unfold the possibilities” of what tables, chairs, desks, and cabinets can do for homeowners. With the foldable and extendable features of our furniture, everyone can enjoy a large space for dining and work as well as free space around the house.

Tmall Genie, Creating an Innovative Smart Speaker.

Costing 1 to 1.5 million yuan in R&D costs along with the cooperation of our founder and Alibaba, we were instrumental in the creation of Tmall Genie. Tmall Genie is a smart speaker that can operate various smart furniture around the house through voice activation. By integrating Alibaba’s Tmall Genie onto our smart furniture, we further improve the quality of life among numerous homeowners across the globe.

Multi-Functional Smart Furniture Solutions 01
Space Saving Furniture With Electronic Function 01

Solid Chinese Roots, Known Furniture Quality Across the Globe.

HomeMore is a brand that represents high quality and impeccable value. We have a dedicated staff with incredible craftsmanship backed by years of experience responsible for creating smart furniture. Furniture our team manufactures can stand the test of time and will be in demand within the market for a long time. While our roots are in China, our products are well-loved around the world.