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HomeMore offers an exquisite custom furniture line with innovative space-saving and multifunctional features that maximize the consumer’s homes.


Creating Functional Interior Spaces

HomeMore smart furniture combines function, aesthetics, and comfort while integrating a space-saving design. The modern furniture solutions create space in ways that traditional furniture cannot accomplish. Homeowners will also enjoy the functionality of our smart furniture that removes any unnecessary clutter around the living space, such as our speaker tables.

HomeMore furniture solutions are also competitively priced thanks to our robust production and supply chain, allowing you to tap into emerging home markets while staying within your budget.

What Makes HomeMore Furniture a Cut Above the Rest


Get customized furniture with features specifically made to your needs.

Build to Last

Established construction process ensures superior durability and longevity.

Reliable High-End Mechanism

Sophisticated design offers next-level mechanism for our furniture.