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Building premium furniture that extends our values on innovation, consumer well-being, and sustainability to our client.
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Endless Drive for Creation, Curious from Birth.

Joe, HomeMore’s CEO, has a boundless desire to create and innovate. Even during his youth, he aims to be a pioneer in creating smart furniture that enhances everyone’s quality of life. As a radio and TV repairman at home, his experience in building, developing, and repairing circuitry acted as the foundation of his smart furniture design.

Joe continues to build on the foundation of his expertise as he finds more ways to improve upon his previous designs, opening the path to better furniture in the future. With the skills and experience accumulated from his early venture, Joe can invent furniture that others cannot.

Future Proof, Vision of Tomorrow’s Furniture.

Curiosity is essential behind the design and manufacturing of smart furniture. This is a driving force that helps him to find a design that can achieve optimized comfort, functionality, and sustainability.

What does the furniture of the future be like? Joe regularly answers that question by integrating furniture design with modern technology. By building our smart furniture to work with modern electronics, we improve the lifestyle of homeowners. Homemore continues to discuss the future of furniture as well as how it integrates and connects with current technology.

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Space Saving Furniture With Electronic Function

Customer’s Well-Being, Improving Life with Smart Designs.

HomeMore does not just make furniture for the market, Joe can make smart furniture that can improve people’s lives. He takes into consideration the average person’s lifestyle and market demands on specific furniture features.

Through our robust R&D team, we are capable of creating smart furniture that fits into everyone’s interior space and creating an aesthetically pleasing and comforting environment.

Proven Innovator, Continuous Improvement to the Craft.

Furniture should be designed around the lifestyle of an average household. Each table, cabinet, sofas, and chair Mr. Liu creates must have a proper balance between craftsmanship and practicality. Achieving this critical balance requires a full hands-on approach to the aesthetic design of our furniture as well as the meticulous configuration of our automated production line. The skills and keen eye for detail allow us to create premium furniture while preserving the quality of the design.

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Exuding Passion, an Inspiration to Talents.

With a glowing aura of enthusiasm. Mr. Liu is capable of rallying everyone around him to accomplish Homemore’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and functionality for our feature. The entire R&D team receives personal training from Joe, allowing our staff to achieve the same passion and drive when building our smart furniture. Through our founder’s reputation, we have been attracting incredible talents to achieve future-proof furniture.

Social Commitment, Improving the Community.

As a stand-out figure within the region, Joe has been helping improve the community through his permanent support of associations, clubs, and various social enterprises. Homemore continues to preserve our support with various organizations, which are assets to the community.

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