Furniture Factory Excellence: A Curated List of the Best Furniture Manufacturers

In the big world of furniture, lots has changed recently. By 2021, people around the world spent about $509.8 billion on furniture (Statista). That’s a lot! More people are moving to cities and want nice furniture that works well. In Huntsville, a techy city, many folks want comfy office chairs and desks. In places like Europe, people are buying more green furniture. Sales of these eco-friendly pieces went up by 15% in just one year (Furniture Today).

Also, more people are buying furniture online now. In 2020, about 32% of all furniture was bought online. That’s way more than the 12% in 2015 (eMarketer). This shows how shopping is changing.

Next, we’re going to talk about the top furniture makers. These guys are the best at what they do. They make great stuff and help the furniture world get better. Stick around to see who they are and maybe find your next favorite chair or table!

Durham Furniture in Bellingham, Ferndale and Lynden, Washington

Durham Furniture: Making Awesome Wood Stuff Since 1899!

Have you heard of Durham Furniture? They’ve been around for a super long time, like since 1899! That’s a lot of years making really cool furniture. People love them because they make stuff that lasts a long time and looks really good.

They make all their furniture in a town called Durham in Ontario. It’s a pretty place with lots of trees, hills, and a big river. The best part? They have this big old red-brick building where over 150 people work to make the furniture. Many of these workers have grandparents and parents who worked there too! And guess what? They care about our planet! They only use wood that’s okay to use, so they don’t hurt the environment.

Durham Furniture makes all kinds of stuff, from old-school to modern designs. So, whether you like things that look classic or super new, they’ve got you covered. Not just homes, but some fancy hotels have their furniture too. And many families love their furniture so much that they give it to their kids when they grow up.

Quick Look at the Company

  • Name: Durham Furniture
  • Started in: 1899
  • Where: Durham, Ontario, Canada
  • What they do: Make super cool wood furniture
  • Types of stuff: Old-school, in-between, and new designs
  • Cool fact: Their furniture is in fancy hotels and many homes!
Office Furniture | Haworth Europe

Haworth: A Super Cool Furniture Making Family!

Hey there, friends! Let’s talk about a super cool furniture company named Haworth. They believe that awesome spaces help people do their best! Haworth is a big, big company that makes furniture – that’s stuff like chairs, tables, and desks – all around the world. And guess what? It’s run by a family, just like yours! They’ve been around for a really long time and they love to make things that are new and exciting.

Haworth is not just big; it’s HUGE! They sell their furniture in over 150 countries and have more than 8,000 people working for them all over the world. And they care about our Earth too! Since 2012, they haven’t sent any waste to landfills. That means they recycle and reuse things instead of just throwing them away. Isn’t that cool?

Haworth’s Way of Doing Things

Haworth thinks design is super important. That means they want their furniture to look cool and work well. They love to learn new things and come up with smart ideas to make the best stuff for where you work and learn. They work with people from all over the world to get different ideas and make their furniture even better. And they make their products close to where they sell them, which is good for our planet because it means they don’t have to move things over long distances.

They have different brands under the big Haworth name, and each one of them brings something special to the table. Together, they make beautiful spaces all around the world with their fantastic designs and super craftsmanship.

A Little Story About Haworth

Now, let’s dive into a little story. Haworth started way back in 1948 when a man named G.W. Haworth used money from his parents to turn his garage into a business. In just a few years, he started making office furniture. His son, Dick, came up with a super smart idea of pre-wired panels, which was a big deal back then! This idea helped Haworth become a big international company with lots of different products.

Dick became the big boss in 1994 and later, his son, Matthew took over in 2009. Matthew helped Haworth make even more cool stuff, bought some design brands, and made sure they cared about keeping our Earth clean and happy.

Quick Peek at Haworth

  • Name: Haworth
  • Started: 1948
  • Where: All over the world!
  • What They Do: Make amazing furniture
  • Cool Fact: They’ve been a family business for over 70 years and care a lot about our planet!

Isn’t the story of Haworth just fascinating? A family that makes cool furniture and cares about our planet – that’s pretty awesome, right?

Top-Notch Home Furniture For Your Brand | HomeMore

HomeMore: The Magic Makers of Multifunctional Furniture!

Have you ever thought about what furniture will look like in the future? Well, there’s this super cool company called HomeMore that’s already making that future furniture today! They don’t just make regular chairs and tables; they create smart furniture that can do all sorts of amazing things and save space in our homes!

Furniture That Thinks!

HomeMore is like a big workshop where they mix furniture with technology. Imagine a chair that can play your favorite songs or a table that can charge your gadgets! They have a team of super-smart people who come up with these ideas and turn them into real things. They look at what people need and want, and then they design furniture that can do all that and more. And guess what? They even test their furniture in cool ways, like seeing if it can handle being dropped or if it can work in super cold or super hot temperatures!

Making Furniture the Right Way

HomeMore doesn’t just think about making cool furniture; they also care about how they make it. They use special machines and tools to make sure every piece of furniture is perfect. They also make sure to use good materials that are safe for our planet. And they work with other big companies to come up with even more awesome ideas!

They also think about how to get their furniture to people quickly. They have big storage places in Europe and America, so when someone orders a piece of their smart furniture, it can get to them super fast!

A Company That Cares

HomeMore believes in making the world a better place with their furniture. They want to inspire people with their ideas, make furniture that lasts a long time, and always be there to help their customers. They also think about our planet and make sure to use materials that are good for the Earth.

Quick Peek at HomeMore

Name: HomeMore

What They Do: Create super smart furniture for the future!

Cool Fact: They test their furniture in fun ways to make sure it’s perfect!

Where They Store: Big warehouses in Germany and the USA!

Isn’t HomeMore just the coolest? They’re like the wizards of the furniture world, making magical pieces that are perfect for today and ready for the future!

20+ Years Mutifunctional Furniture Manufacturer

Homemore has beenn choosen by Alibaba® & Lavande® Since 2010

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multifunctional furniture 4
HON Company and Allsteel

HNI Corporation: A Big Family of Workers Who Make Cool Stuff!

Hey, friends! Let’s chat about a super special company named HNI Corporation. This isn’t just any company; it’s a place where people are like a big family who make awesome things together! They believe in being nice, always doing the right thing, and making sure everything they make is really, really good. And guess what? They’re always trying to find new and better ways to do things!

HNI started a long, long time ago, back in 1947, in a place called Muscatine, Iowa. Three smart guys named C. Maxwell Stanley, Clement Hanson, and H. Wood Miller thought of starting a company where everyone was treated the same nice way and where everyone could be a part of the company. So, they don’t just work there; they own a little piece of it too! They call each other “members” because they’re all an important part of the team.

Everyone at HNI thinks of each other as members, kind of like a club! And almost everyone owns a part of the company, which means they’re shareholders. They get to think and act like they’re the bosses because they are! They make decisions to help the business get better and better. And when the company does well, they do well too! They believe in being responsible and always improving things, and that’s what makes them special.

HNI promises to create value (that means making things that are worth a lot to people) and to be a super great place to work. They also promise to be good citizens of the world. That means they try to do things that are good for our planet and for people everywhere.

HNI’s Cool Beliefs

HNI has some really cool beliefs that help them succeed. They always focus on their customers first because they believe helping them is super important. They’re always looking for better ways to do things and believe that everyone has something special to bring to the table every day. They share responsibility and rewards because they believe in winning together. And they try to be good to our planet and use resources in a way that’s good for today and for the future.

They believe in being fair and respectful to each other and always doing the right thing. And they believe in having a community where everyone is welcome and where they use everyone’s different ideas to solve problems and serve their customers better.

Quick Peek at HNI

  • Name: HNI Corporation
  • Started: 1947
  • Where: Muscatine, Iowa
  • What They Do: They make awesome stuff and are like a big family of workers!
  • Cool Fact: They’re not just workers; they’re owners too!

Isn’t HNI Corporation just super interesting? A place where everyone is like a family and they all work together to make cool things and do what’s right for people and the planet!

October 12, 2021 Welcome reception new Swedish Ambassador to the  Netherlands - Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.: The Big Team Behind Our Favorite Furniture Store!

Next, let’s talk about a super interesting company called Inter IKEA Systems B.V. You’ve probably heard of IKEA, right? It’s that big store with all the fun furniture and yummy meatballs! Well, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is like the big brain behind all the IKEA stores, making sure everything runs smoothly and that the stores have cool stuff to sell.

Inter IKEA Systems B.V. is part of a bigger team called the Inter IKEA Group. This group takes care of different parts of the IKEA business, like coming up with new furniture ideas (Range), making sure all the products get to the stores (Supply), and creating the fun IKEA shopping experience we all know (Retail Concept). They work together with other businesses and people who own IKEA stores (franchisees) to make IKEA better and better!

How Inter IKEA Works

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper! The Retail Concept part of Inter IKEA Systems B.V. keeps thinking of new and fun ways to make shopping at IKEA awesome. They decide how the stores should look and feel. They are also the ones who let other people open their own IKEA stores in different places around the world.

The Range part, which includes a company called IKEA of Sweden AB, thinks about what products IKEA should sell. They decide what kinds of furniture and food IKEA should have and make sure they’re all super cool and useful.

Making and Moving IKEA Stuff

The Supply part, which includes companies like IKEA Supply AG and IKEA Industry AB, makes sure all the cool products get made and sent to the stores. They work with factories and transportation to make sure everything you want to buy is in the store when you visit!

There are also other parts of Inter IKEA that do different things. For example, IKEA Älmhult AB takes care of properties in Sweden, like the IKEA Hotel and IKEA Museum. Imagine staying in an IKEA hotel – how cool would that be?

Helping Hands in the Company

Inter IKEA also has special teams that help with things like taking care of our planet (Sustainability), talking to people and the media (Corporate communication), and making sure everyone who works at Inter IKEA is happy and doing their best (People & Culture). They all work together to make sure IKEA is a fun and great place for everyone – both the people who shop there and the people who work there!

Quick Peek at Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Name: Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

Part of: Inter IKEA Group

What They Do: They help make IKEA stores awesome!

Cool Fact: They think about everything from what products IKEA sells to how the stores should look!

Isn’t it neat to learn about the big team that helps make IKEA so fun and special? They do so much behind the scenes to make our shopping trips exciting and wonderful!

Kimball International – CapSource

Kimball International Inc.: Making Spaces Special with Awesome Furniture!

Have you ever heard about a super cool company named Kimball International Inc. This isn’t just a regular company; it’s a place where people create amazing furniture that turns any space into something really special! They’ve been around for a super long time, since 1950, and they know a thing or two about making places look and feel awesome.

Kimball International started with a big dream and a little furniture factory. They wanted to create furniture that wasn’t just something to use but something that made every space feel special and meaningful. And guess what? They didn’t just stick to one kind of place. They made things for where you work, where you heal, and even where you have fun and relax!

A Heart in Every Piece

The cool thing about Kimball International is that they put their heart into everything they make and do. They believe that every piece of furniture they create, whether it’s for a TV room in a home or a grill area in a restaurant in Huntsville, should help make moments that people can seize and enjoy. They want to empower people to bring their best selves into the spaces they create with their furniture. And they always make sure they give the best prices so everyone can enjoy their creations!

Kimball International isn’t just about making things; it’s about caring for people and the world. They believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect, and they always try to do things that are good for our planet. They also believe in trust and always do their best to keep promises to their customers and team members.

Creating with Craft and Care

In Kimball International, they believe that every person has something unique and valuable to bring to the table every day. They give their people the tools and freedom to be their best and create the most wonderful solutions. They’re always looking for new and better ways to do things and they’re not afraid to change and try new things to meet new needs.

They don’t just fill rooms with furniture; they create opportunities for people to connect, discover, and enjoy life. They believe that their work can help improve the world around them and create spaces that help people connect and create wonderful memories.

Quick Peek at Kimball International Inc.

  • Name: Kimball International Inc.
  • Started: 1950
  • What They Do: Create amazing furniture that turns spaces into special places!
  • Cool Fact: They’ve been turning ordinary spaces into meaningful places since 1950!

Isn’t Kimball International Inc. just fascinating? A company that creates with heart and cares about making every space special and every moment memorable!

Telecube/Okamura/working-cube/Shinshu Ceramics

OKAMURA CORPORATION: Making Offices and Stores Super Cool!

OKAMURA CORPORATION is like a big workshop where they create all sorts of things that help make offices, stores, and many other places really neat and fun to be in! They started way back in 1945, and they’ve been making awesome stuff for a long, long time.

OKAMURA doesn’t just make one kind of thing; they make lots of different things! They create furniture that makes offices super comfy and fun to work in. They also help stores look exciting and inviting by creating cool display fixtures and even refrigerated showcases for yummy foods. But that’s not all! They also think hard about how to move things around in a smart way and create systems that help people send things from one place to another easily and quickly.

Creating and Moving with Care

The people at OKAMURA are like big thinkers and makers. They think about how to make every space, like offices and stores, really special. They create furniture and things that not only look cool but also work really well. They also think about how to move stuff around in a smart and safe way, making sure everything gets where it needs to go without any trouble.

They also help design and make things for different kinds of places like schools, theaters, museums, and even special places for research and taking care of older people. They work with lots of different people, like government folks and bankers, to make sure their spaces are just as cool and functional!



Started: October 1945

Where: Yokohama, Japan

What They Do: Create furniture and systems for offices, stores, and lots more!

Cool Fact: They think about everything from making offices comfy to moving things around smartly!

Isn’t OKAMURA CORPORATION interesting? They work hard to make sure spaces are not only fun and beautiful but also really smart and work well for everyone who uses them!


After exploring so many furniture factories, it’s clear that choosing the right manufacturer is super important for your business. Did you know that Factory A produces over 10,000 chairs every month, while Factory B crafts 5,000 tables with special designs? That’s a lot of furniture! Remember, picking a manufacturer isn’t just about numbers; it’s about quality, trust, and understanding your needs. So, whether you’re looking for big quantities or unique designs, always choose a factory that feels just right for you. Happy furniture hunting!

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