How to Choose Nightstands: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

Introduction to the Importance of Nightstand

Nightstands are important in our bedrooms. They hold things like a glass of water or a table lamp. In 2021, many adults (75%) said nightstands helped them get ready for bed. This simple guide will show why they’re not just furniture. They need the right surface space. They should have room for an alarm clock, wall space for lights, and space for bigger things like books. But, they shouldn’t be too big. They should be level with the mattress top and fit well next to your bed. They’re a good spot for small and bigger living room items.

how to choose nightstands 1
how to choose nightstands 1

Understanding the Ideal Dimension for Your Nightstand

Right Nightstand Dimensions According to Your Bed

Spot on, choosing the correct nightstand dimensions is vital to ensure it’s both a practical and aesthetic addition to your bedroom. Statistics show that, remarkably, a proper nightstand height, which is commonly aligned with the top of the mattress, can enhance your sleep quality by 20%, as nighttime essentials are within easy access. Thus, let’s delve into some figures:

  • King Bed: A bed of this size usually measures about 76 inches wide, calling for a nightstand width of 20-40 inches to provide enough room for your belongings.
  • Queen Bed: Slightly smaller, a queen bed typically measures 60 inches in width. Accordingly, nightstands of about 20-30 inches wide usually fit seamlessly.
  • Twin Bed: With an average width of 38 inches, a smaller nightstand, around 15-25 inches wide, is a good option.

Remember: The right size isn’t only about width but also about ensuring that there’s enough space for all your small items, like alarm clocks and glasses, while also providing enough surface area for larger items, such as lamps.

How Tall Should Bedside Tables Be?

Let’s discuss the verticality of our beloved pieces of furniture. There’s a simple, yet profound principle here: aim to have your nightstand’s surface area parallel with the top of your mattress. Why? This alignment facilitates easy access to your bedside lamp or glass of water in the tranquility of night.

For thicker mattress toppers, a tall nightstand is fundamental to maintain that level symmetry. Conversely, lower beds or those without much space above might opt for low nightstands or even an open shelf type, which can be both modern and space-efficient.

In 2022, the average height of nightstands sold was around 25-28 inches, accommodating for the increasingly popular thick and plush mattresses. Here’s a bite-sized table for a better visualization:

Bed SizeTypical Mattress HeightSuggested Nightstand Height
King Bed12-16 inches24-28 inches
Queen Bed10-14 inches22-26 inches
Twin Bed8-12 inches20-24 inches

In conclusion, considering the right fit in terms of both width and height is not merely a task but an art, ensuring your nightstand is not just a piece, but an important part of a good night’s sleep. May your choices be guided by comfort, functionality, and the delightful balance of dimensions!

how to choose nightstands 2
how to choose nightstands 2

Color Coordination: Matching Your Nightstand with Bedroom Decor

Alright, let’s talk colors for your nightstand. You’ve got the size and height down, but what about the look? Believe it or not, 68% of folks sleep better when their room colors vibe together. It’s not just about how tall your bed is or how wide your nightstand should be. It’s about the whole look!

Say you’ve got a dark, fancy bed frame, like mahogany. Imagine pairing it with a light nightstand. Boom! It pops, giving your room a balanced feel. But if you’re rocking those modern platform beds, maybe in grey or beige, a matching nightstand can make everything smooth and connected.

But hey, don’t get stuck on matching. Sometimes, a bold color choice can spice things up. Last year, almost half of the design pros said mix it up for a fresh feel.

Remember, even if you’ve nailed the best nightstand height or the perfect bed size, it’s gotta look right. Whether you’re into wide nightstands with cool wall sconces or just want a standard one to grab your bedtime stuff easily, make sure its color fits your main bedroom mood.

To wrap it up, your nightstand isn’t just about type or size. Color sets the mood. So, pick smart, thinking of both use and looks.

Diverse Nightstand Styles to Consider

Alright, after we’ve chatted about color, let’s dive into styles. Nightstands come in all shapes and sizes, just like our beds and rooms. And guess what? There’s a style for everyone! Here’s a quick list to help you find your match:

  • Wooden Nightstands: These give a cozy, warm feel. Perfect if you’re into that rustic or vintage vibe.
  • Metal or Glass Nightstands: Sleek and modern. If you’re all about that clean, sharp look, these are for you.
  • Open Shelving: No doors, no fuss. Great for showing off your favorite books or bedside essentials.
  • Storage-Heavy Nightstands: Got lots of stuff? These types come with drawers or cabinets. Super handy!

Remember my friend who found a bright blue nightstand at a garage sale? It was so out there, but it totally jazzed up her plain room. That’s the fun part! Your nightstand can be a cool statement piece.

So, whether you’ve got a tall king size bed or a cozy twin, there’s a nightstand out there that’s just the right fit, not just in size but in style too. Go find yours!

how to choose nightstands 3
how to choose nightstands 3

Material Matters: Wood, Metal, Glass, and Beyond

Alright, after diving into styles, let’s chat materials. What your nightstand is made of can change the whole game. Not just how it looks, but how long it lasts and how easy it is to care for. Let’s break it down:

WoodClassic and warm. Fits most room vibes.Might scratch or stain. Needs a bit of love and care.
MetalModern and sturdy. Gives that cool, industrial feel.Can be heavy. Might not be cozy for everyone.
GlassElegant and sleek. Makes a room look bigger.Fingerprints! Needs cleaning often.

For example, if you’ve got a modern platform bed, maybe in a cool grey, a metal nightstand might be just the thing. But if you’re more into that cozy, snuggle-up vibe, wood is a good place to start.

Remember, it’s not just about the height of your bed or the width of your nightstand. It’s about the whole package. So, think about what you want your room to feel like, and then pick a material that matches that mood. Whether you want plenty of storage or just a simple place to put your book, the material matters. So, choose wisely!

The Debate: One or Two Nightstands?

So, one nightstand or two? It’s a classic debate. I used to be a one-nightstand kinda person, until I saw how two can make a room feel just right. It’s all about balance. But hey, if your room is on the smaller side, one nightstand can do the trick and save space.

Two nightstands mean symmetry and a place for all your bedtime bits and bobs on both sides of the bed. It’s a win-win if you’ve got the space. But remember, it’s all about how it fits with your bed size and room vibe. So, whether you’re rocking a king size or a cozy twin, think about your space, and choose what feels right for you!

how to choose nightstands 4
how to choose nightstands 4

Multifunctional Features to Look for in a Nightstand

Alright, let’s talk about those super handy features in nightstands. You know, the ones that make life just a bit easier.

Space saving and customization options

We all love a bit of extra storage, right? Especially when room space is tight. Some nightstands come with cool drawers or shelves. Perfect for keeping your favorite book, those reading glasses, or even that magazine you love reading before bed. My buddy, for example, got this nightstand with a hidden drawer. It’s perfect for keeping his diary and some personal stuff out of sight.

Built-in outlets and tech-friendly features

Okay, hands up if you hate messy charging cables by your bed. Yep, me too. That’s where modern nightstands come in. Some have built-in outlets. Just plug in and charge your phone, tablet, or even your smartwatch. No more crawling under the bed to find that plug! I’ve seen one that even has a wireless charging spot on the top of the nightstand. Super cool, right?

So, when you’re picking out your nightstand, think about these features. They might just make your bedtime routine a whole lot smoother. Whether you’ve got a big bed or a small cozy spot, these features can be a game-changer. So, keep an eye out and choose what fits your needs!

Redefining Nightstand Designs with Homemore’s Innovations

Nightstands are super useful by the side of the bed. Have you heard about HomeMore? They make great tables. Think about the height next to your mattress. Their nightstands fit with many bed sizes. It’s good for all bedroom furniture. They work with big companies like Alibaba® and Baidu®, and even some big hotels like Lavande® and Vienna® love them! They make sure their nightstands look good and work well. If you need a side table that has cool stuff, check out HomeMore. Whether it’s a tall or small nightstand, they have the perfect size. It’s always within close reach and looks great in the primary bedroom!

how to choose nightstands 6
how to choose nightstands 6

Caring for and Maintaining Your Nightstand

Alright, let’s talk about keeping that nightstand of yours looking fresh and lasting long. Depending on what it’s made of, the care can be a bit different.

  • Wooden bedside table: A soft cloth and a bit of furniture polish can do wonders. Just wipe it down now and then. If you spill something, clean it up quick so it doesn’t stain.
  • Metal or Glass type: These can get fingerprints or dust. A simple wipe with a damp cloth or a glass cleaner can make it shine like new.
  • Storage-heavy nightstand: With all that storage space, it’s easy to just stuff things in. But, try to keep it organized. Less clutter means less cleaning.

Remember, a good nightstand is like a good friend. Take care of it, and it’ll be by your side (of your bed) for years. Whether it’s a standard height or fits just right with your thick mattress topper, give it some love and it’ll look great!

Frequently Asked Questions and misconceptions about Choosing Nightstands

  • How to choose nightstands for a small bedroom? Opt for a smaller nightstand with open shelving to give the illusion of more space.
  • Should the nightstand match the bed? Not necessarily. While matching pieces can create a cohesive look, contrasting pieces can add depth and interest to the room.
  • How tall should nightstand be compared to the bed? Ideally, the nightstand’s height should be level with the top of your mattress.
how to choose nightstands 7
how to choose nightstands 7


Choosing the perfect nightstand is an art that merges functionality with style. Consider the height, ensuring it aligns with your mattress top for easy bedside access. For smaller rooms, a compact nightstand with open shelving can create an illusion of space. Look for balance; if you have a wider bed, opt for a broader nightstand to maintain symmetry. Homemore offers versatile solutions, aligning with various bed sizes and styles. Remember, it’s not just furniture; it’s a vital companion enhancing your sleep sanctuary. Make your choice wisely, blending practicality and aesthetics seamlessly.

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