Top 10 Best Bedside Table Manufacturers: Exclusive List for Quality Seekers

Ah, the world of furniture. As the autumn leaves begin their gentle descent, swirling around in a dance of the seasons, I’m reminded of the many evenings I’ve spent, nestled in the cozy nooks of my home, with my cherished bedside table standing steadfast beside me. You see, amidst the grandeur of ornate dining tables and the plush embrace of luxurious sofas, the modest bedside table has, in its own quiet way, carved an indispensable niche in the world of home decor.

In recent years, the global furniture industry has seen a meteoric rise, with a market value of a staggering $509.8 billion in 2021 (Data Source: Statista). This colossal number speaks volumes about the world’s increasing appetite for quality and aesthetic living spaces. Now, while bigger furniture pieces command a lion’s share of this market, the contribution of the bedside table – often the unsung hero in many a bedroom ensemble – cannot be underestimated.

Comparatively, in Europe alone, the sale of bedside tables accounted for an impressive 7% of the total furniture sales in 2020 (Data Source: Euromonitor). Such numbers elucidate the essential role these tables play in our lives. Their diminutive size, yet significant presence, stands testament to the adage that sometimes, the minutes details make the grandest impact.

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of the furniture realm, do brace yourselves, dear readers, for an enlightening journey. We’re about to unveil a meticulously curated list of top bedside table manufacturers – names that resonate with quality, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship.

To my fellow B2B enthusiasts seeking credible bedside table manufacturers, rest assured, for the insights that follow will certainly align with your aspirations, striking a chord with both your business acumen and aesthetic sensibilities.


Discovering Excellence with Architonic: The Guide to Bedside Tables

Navigating the dense forests of furnishings and designs, I often found myself lost in an overwhelming myriad of options. Until Architonic came along, like a trusty compass guiding my way. With the world overflowing with an abundance of furnishings and designs, keeping track feels nearly impossible. But not when you have Architonic by your side.

Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Zurich, this power-packed team comprises architects, designers, IT wizzes, and marketing pros. Their mission? Simple, yet profound. To scour the world for the best in furniture designs, ensuring only the crème de la crème grace their platform. With a discerning eye, co-founders Nils Becker and Tobias Lutz ensure only those brands that resonate with Architonic’s vision get the spotlight. This is not just about showcasing products; it’s about weaving them seamlessly into the architectural space they inhabit. After all, what’s a bedside table if it doesn’t harmoniously blend with its surroundings?

Now, focusing on our topic at hand – bedside tables. Among the thousands of products Architonic endorses, their collection of bedside tables stands out. Not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for their utility and innovative designs. Architects and planners globally have leaned on Architonic’s expertise in selecting the best bedside tables that not only fulfill functional requirements but also add a touch of elegance to spaces.

Company Snapshot

  • Name: Architonic AG 
  • Location: Zurich 
  • Specialty: Curating top-notch furnishings & designs with an emphasis on architectural integration. 
  • Community: Architects, Designers, Researchers, Manufacturers, Retailers

By seamlessly connecting manufacturers with architects and planners, Architonic has truly bridged the gap, ensuring that every bedside table you pick from their platform is nothing short of perfection.

The Lacquer Company US

The Lacquer Company: Merging Ancient Craft with Modern Design

Imagine a burnt orange betel box, a piece of art that captures the essence of a journey. This was James Lowther’s first tryst with lacquer in 1999 during his travels in Burma. It wasn’t just an item; it was the beginning of a love story with the intricate art of lacquer. The patience, the skill, the sheer dedication – James was enamored. And this passion led him to establish The Lacquer Company in 2008.

James isn’t just any enthusiast. With a decade of experience in events and interior design in the bustling city of New York, he frequently traveled to Asia, hunting for the perfect lacquer. His vision? To blend this ancient Eastern craft with contemporary Western designs. Whether it’s a chic city apartment, a breezy beach house, or a classic country residence, James wanted his lacquer pieces, including standout bedside tables, to fit seamlessly. Collaborations with renowned designers like Rita Konig, Steven Gambrel, and Veere Grenney have only elevated the brand’s offerings. After scouring Asia for the best craftsmen, Saigon became the heart of their production, where the magic of merging tradition with modernity happens.

Now, if you’re thinking of bedside tables, imagine one with the finesse of traditional lacquer work, but with a design that screams modern elegance. That’s what The Lacquer Company brings to the table (pun intended). With influences from his initial days at Colefax & Fowler in London, James ensures that every piece resonates with a clean, modern sensibility, yet retains a touch of English charm.

Company Snapshot

  • Name: The Lacquer Company 
  • Founder: James Lowther 
  • Established: 2008 
  • Specialty: Melding traditional lacquer art with contemporary designs. 
  • Locations: London, New York, Saigon

With The Lacquer Company, it’s not just about furniture; it’s about a journey from the past, crafted for the present, and designed for the future.

Huppé | Featured Furniture Brands | Sklar Furnishings

Huppé: Cool Canadian Furniture with a Worldly Spin

Picture this: back in 1967, Canadian houses loved their cedar chests, and Huppé made them! Now, times have changed. Instead of just chests, Huppé makes all kinds of amazing furniture. People say they’re as good as the big European brands but with a Canadian twist. They make stuff for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining spaces, and all of it looks modern and stylish. Oh, and their bedside tables? Super handy and beautiful!

Some fun facts: Huppé was started by Raymond Hamel, Aurèle Huppé, and Sylvio Huppé. Over the years, they’ve teamed up with famous designers and always come up with fresh ideas. The best part? They say, “Huppé furniture is made with the best stuff and put together right here in Canada.”

Quick Look

  • Name: Huppé
  • Started: 1967
  • What They Do: Modern furniture with a Canadian twist.
  • Where You Can Find Them: 250+ shops in North America
  • Been Around For: Over 50 years of cool designs and quality

So, with Huppé, you’re not just getting furniture. You’re getting a piece of Canada’s awesome furniture history known all over the world.

Furniture Manufacturer, Supplier & FF&E Company - Direct Factory &  Commercial Furniture Manufacturers

FurnitureRoots: Crafting Bespoke Furniture with a Global Touch

In Jodhpur, India, there’s a cool place called FurnitureRoots. They make really good custom furniture. They’re known all over the world for it. They even have this big certificate, ISO 9001, that says they’re really good at what they do.

Imagine going to a trendy cafe. You see some old-style chairs and tables that look super cool. Or, picture walking into a fancy office where everything looks modern but works really well. Guess what? That’s FurnitureRoots’ stuff. They make furniture for loads of places: cafes, bars, hotels, workspaces, schools, event places, and more. Oh, and if you want a table next to your bed, they can make it look really nice.

What’s special about FurnitureRoots? They listen to what you want. Every business is different, right? So, they make sure the furniture fits what the place is about. They’ve got loads of styles: from old-timey looks to super modern stuff. They work with people who design rooms and buildings and people who buy furniture from different countries. They make amazing stuff, but they don’t charge too much.

Quick info about them

  • Name: FurnitureRoots
  • Where they are: Jodhpur, India
  • What they do: Super cool furniture for businesses. Like restaurants, offices, events, and more.
  • Best thing about them: You can ask for what you want, and they make it. And it doesn’t cost a fortune.

So, if you buy from FurnitureRoots, you’re not just getting a chair or a table. You’re getting something made with a lot of skill, new ideas, and love from around the world.

English Farmhouse Furniture

English Farmhouse Furniture: Crafting Heirlooms with a Modern Twist

In Los Angeles, a city known for its modern vibes, there’s a special place called English Farmhouse Furniture. They’ve been making really cozy, yet fresh furniture since 1994. Imagine furniture that feels like it has lots of stories, even though it’s brand new. That’s what they do – they make pieces that bring a kind of old, friendly charm into your space.

English Farmhouse Furniture has a knack for mixing the old and the new. Their pieces, while showing off a modern farmhouse look, are made with a super close eye for detail. This way, everything they make is not just good-looking, but also sticks around for a really long time. Their finishes, made from earth-friendly paints, stains, and wax, are put on carefully to show off the wood’s natural beauty and also give it a sort of lived-in vibe.

They mostly make their lovely items to order right in their workshop in LA. But they also team up with factories in Indonesia and Portugal to make some of their more popular pieces. No matter where they’re made, each piece from English Farmhouse Furniture is made using only the best woods and respected woodworking methods. They’re loved by a wide array of customers, from little seasonal shops and professional traders to boutique hotels and catalog companies. This shows how versatile and widely liked they are.

Their bedside tables are not just tables. They’re like little storybooks waiting to tell tales. They’ll become a part of your home, your space, and your life, blending seamlessly with your modern needs while also giving a sweet look back into the past.

Quick look at them

  • Name: English Farmhouse Furniture
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Specialty: Modern, yet timeless Farmhouse Furniture.
  • How they make things: Using the best woods, eco-friendly finishes, and old-school woodworking ways.
  • Note: Each piece is like a modern treasure, made with lots of care and close attention to detail.

So, when you get something from English Farmhouse Furniture, you’re not just buying a piece of furniture. You’re joining a story that will keep being told for generations to come.

Top-Notch Home Furniture For Your Brand | HomeMore

Homemore: Pioneering Smart, Space-Saving Furniture Solutions

In the realm of furniture, where classic design meets modern technology, Homemore stands out, crafting a niche in multifunctional and space-saving furniture. With a robust investment of 100-150W in R&D and deep collaborations with tech giants like Alibaba and Xiao Du, this manufacturer isn’t just making furniture; they’re innovating lifestyles, especially in the realm of side tables, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also multifunctional and smart.

Homemore, with its roots deeply embedded in quality and innovation, has been redefining furniture by maximizing living spaces for more comfortable families globally. Their journey, from undertaking simple repair tasks for basic household electronics to evolving into a full-swing manufacturer of space-saving and smart furniture, is nothing short of inspiring. With a globally-competitive production facility and three warehouses in the west, Homemore is not just a manufacturer but a dedicated partner providing a one-stop service, from offering a wide range of marketable smart furniture to exceptional installation and technical support assistance.

Their furniture, especially bedside tables, is a testament to their commitment to functionality and modern technology. With an in-house design team that carefully studies current trends and consumer demands, Homemore ensures that every piece, from the concept, aesthetics, to performance capabilities, is fleshed out to meet both. Their bedside tables are not just tables; they’re a blend of entertainment and space-saving products, utilizing the latest electronic and communication technology, ensuring they’re ahead of the curve. With a production capacity of 1-200 units/day and a stock from order to shipment of 1 week, they ensure timely and efficient delivery of their products.

Homemore’s philosophy is deeply rooted in inspiration, quality, service, and sustainability. With a strong desire for innovation and creation, they were founded to bring the future to the now, answering the call for “the furniture of the future” and seeing robust technology integration in modern home products. Their furniture is made with ethically sourced materials and responsible manufacturing, ensuring not just a product, but a legacy of sustainability and innovation.

Company Snapshot

  • Name: Homemore 
  • Specialty: Multifunctional and Smart Furniture, especially side tables Notable 
  • Collaborations: Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park, Alibaba®, BaiDu® Production Capacity: 1-200 units/day 
  • Stock to Shipment: 1 week 
  • Warehouses: Germany (Hamburg, 9000 sqm), USA (Missouri, 1650 sqm)

Homemore isn’t just a furniture manufacturer; it’s a brand that brings more to your space, ensuring every piece is not just furniture but a solution to modern living needs.

Stocked goods ship within 7 days!

With 9,000 sqm of storage in Hamburg and 1,650 sqm in Missouri, Homemore ensure timely deliveries of our innovative furniture worldwide.

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Birlea Furniture

Birlea Furniture: Setting Trends with Inspiring Designs

In the heart of the Midlands, there’s this super cool furniture place called Birlea Furniture. They don’t just make ordinary furniture; they bring styles from all over the world straight into homes. Think about a bedside table that doesn’t just hold your alarm clock, but also looks so trendy! That’s what Birlea does. They always look for new and awesome designs from all corners of the world, making sure each piece is both beautiful and useful.

One great thing about Birlea is they’re right in the Midlands. So, if you’re in the UK, they can get their cool furniture to you super fast! No long waiting times.

The heart of Birlea? It’s a family business. They know how important good relationships are. They listen to what people want, always trying to give the best. Whether you’re a big company or a small shop, Birlea treats everyone the same: with lots of care. They don’t just sell furniture. They build strong connections with everyone they work with.

A quick look at them

  • Name: Birlea Furniture
  • Where they are: Midlands, UK
  • What they do: Super trendy furniture, from old classics to new, bold styles.
  • Best thing about them: They deliver fast all over the UK, and they really care about their customers.
  • Something extra: Being a family business, they truly value friendships and new ideas.

So, getting furniture from Birlea isn’t just about getting a chair or table. It’s about adding a touch of worldwide style to your home and being part of a family that values quality and relationships.

Luxury Furniture Company

Luxury Furniture Company: Tailoring Exquisite, Bespoke Furniture Experiences

In a place where every little thing tells a story, the Luxury Furniture Company stands out as a symbol of perfect and fancy furniture. Imagine a bedside table that isn’t just a table but a statement, a story of luxury, and careful making. This company shines by mixing high-quality materials and textures to make styles that are not just unique but also take your breath away.

The Luxury Furniture Company doesn’t just sell furniture; it gives an experience. They specialize in designing, making, outsourcing, and shipping internationally, making sure their beautiful, luxurious, and amazing products reach every part of the world. Their pieces, from antique, classic to modern, and contemporary statement pieces, do more than just fill a space. They tell a story, a story of luxury that appeals to various furniture industries, including interior designers, architects, commercial properties, hotels, restaurants, and even people who value exclusive, prestigious, and real luxury furniture for their personal spaces and yachts.

What really makes the Luxury Furniture Company different is its custom service. Understanding the time and thought that clients put into planning and imagining ideas, they provide made-to-measure pieces that allow clients to create their own unique designs, tailored to their exact specifications in size, color, materials, and detailed finishings. Whether it’s royalty, a celebrity, or a person who appreciates the finer things in life, the company goes the extra mile to make sure every piece is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of art that speaks to and for them.

Quick look

  • Name: Luxury Furniture Company
  • Specialty: High-end, custom furniture from antique, classic to modern pieces.
  • Clients: Interior designers, architects, commercial properties, hotels, restaurants, royalty, celebrities, and individual customers.
  • Best thing about them: Custom service that lets clients create unique designs tailored to their exact wants.
  • Offer: Special discounted rates to trade professionals.

With the Luxury Furniture Company, every piece of furniture is a journey, where luxury, perfection, and client’s wishes mix to create something truly wonderful.

Furniture factories, suppliers, manufacturers in Asia, Vietnam - CAINVER

Cainver: Bridging Craftsmanship with Modern Needs

In the big world of furniture, Cainver is like a shining star. They saw that many factories in Asia, even with their cool designs and great quality, were closing because they couldn’t sell their stuff at good prices. So, Cainver decided to help. Think about a bedside table, made really well, that looks both old-school and modern. That’s the kind of stuff Cainver brings to homes. They make sure every piece isn’t just a thing but a sign of hard work and new ideas.

What Cainver wants is simple but big: they want everyone to find the perfect thing for their home and show it off to the world. They believe in people coming together, sharing stories, and making friends. They got their inspiration from “Caritas in Veritate”, which talks about love and truth. Cainver really cares about freedom – like the freedom to say what you think, to know stuff, to have chances, and to belong somewhere. They dream of a world where everyone, whether they make stuff or buy stuff, has a chance to speak up and be part of a group.

Quick info

  • Name: Cainver
  • What they do: They connect people who make furniture with people who want to buy it.
  • Inspiration: “Caritas in Veritate” – it’s all about love and truth.
  • What they believe in: Freedom to speak, know, have chances, and belong.
  • Goal: They want everyone to find the perfect thing for their home and show it to everyone.

With Cainver, buying furniture isn’t just about getting a thing. It’s about being part of a big story where good stuff meets good prices, old meets new, and every piece tells a story of hard work, care, and love.

Solid Wood Furniture | Melonwoods Indonesian Furniture

Melonwoods: Crafting Customizable, Quality Furniture for Every Space

Melonwoods is a cool furniture place that mixes old styles with new ones. Every piece, like a bedside table, isn’t just something to put stuff on. It’s made with care, quality, and a personal touch. They have real stores in Ballito, Umhlanga Durban, and Hillcrest Durban where you can see and touch their great stuff.

But if you like shopping from home, no worries! Melonwoods has an online store too. You can see pictures of their furniture and even pick how you want it to look. Imagine picking the type of wood and color for your bedside table, making sure it’s just right for your room.

What’s even cooler? Melonwoods doesn’t just sell furniture. They can check out your space for free, either in person or online, to help you pick the best furniture for it. Whether it’s for your home, office, or a business place, Melonwoods helps you from start to end. They make sure every piece, from a big sofa to a small table, isn’t just furniture but a piece of art that makes your space look awesome.

Quick info

  • Name: Melonwoods
  • What they do: Super cool furniture that you can customize.
  • Where they are: Stores in Ballito, Umhlanga Durban, and Hillcrest Durban.
  • Special offers: Free checks of your space, either in person or online, and a full Decorating Service.
  • Who they help: Shops, designers, hotels, offices, and regular folks like us.

With Melonwoods, every piece of furniture is special. It’s a journey where they make sure what you want and need is put into every piece, making your space look and feel just right.


In the vast world of bedside table manufacturers, choosing the right partner for your business can be a daunting task. However, after extensive research and comparison, it’s evident that some manufacturers stand out in terms of quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. For instance, Homemore, with its impressive production capacity of 1-200 units/day and a swift stock to shipment time of just 1 week, has proven to be a game-changer in the industry. Their deep collaborations with tech giants and a strong focus on multifunctional and smart furniture make them a top choice for B2B buyers. Moreover, their global presence with warehouses in strategic locations like Germany and the USA ensures timely and efficient delivery, a crucial factor for businesses. In conclusion, for B2B buyers seeking reliability, innovation, and quality, Homemore and the other manufacturers on this list offer promising partnerships that can elevate your business to new heights.

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