Discovering Top Furniture Manufacturers in North Carolina

Americans sure do love their furniture! In 2021, we spent a whopping $115 billion on things like chairs and tables (Statista says so!). And here’s a fun fact: North Carolina is kinda the big boss of furniture in the U.S. Ever heard of High Point? People call it the “Furniture Capital of the World.” Wow, right?

So, why is North Carolina so cool in this area? It’s because they have lots of great furniture makers. They create things that seem straight out of a storybook. In 2019, High Point was buzzing with over 2,000 spots showcasing fancy sofas, beds, and more (according to High Point Market). When you spot a chair from there, like a special hickory chair or something from Century Furniture, you just know it’s the real deal. It’s like choosing between a world-famous museum and a local art gallery. Both are great, but one’s got the spotlight.

Now, Europe has some pretty chairs and tables, but North Carolina holds its own. Some European makers even peek at North Carolina for inspiration!

If you’re thinking of buying or doing business, and you want the very best, you’re in the right place. Hang tight, because we’re about to introduce you to North Carolina’s top furniture talents. Exciting stuff ahead!

Century Furniture

Century Furniture: Making Awesome Stuff for Over 70 Years!

Ever heard of Century Furniture? They’re this super awesome company that’s been around for ages. They whip up some of the coolest furniture out there. Let’s dive into their journey!

Way back in 1947, a dude named Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr. had a big idea: to make the coolest furniture ever. And guess what? He nailed it! In just one year, he set up shop in North Carolina and started crafting furniture that looked like it popped out of a storybook. People went bananas for it! As time went on, they made all sorts of stuff, from chairs to tables and even couches. They teamed up with big-name designers like Thomas O’Brien and Bunny Williams. How rad is that?

But wait, there’s more! Century Furniture kept growing and growing. They opened more places to make furniture and brought in more folks to help out. They even started sending their furniture to places all over the world. And the cherry on top? They’re big on taking care of our planet. They make sure the wood they use is from places that love and care for trees. Big thumbs up!

What’s super special about Century Furniture? It’s all about heart. They’re not just any company; they’re like a big family. Over the years, the Shuford family took turns leading the show. Even when times got tough and other companies packed up, they stuck around and kept their game strong. Today, they’re a big deal in the furniture world. And the best part? They’re still chilling in North Carolina, right where it all began!

Quick Peek at Century Furniture

  • Name: Century Furniture
  • Started in: 1947
  • Big Brain Behind It: Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr.
  • Home Base: Hickory, North Carolina
  • What They Do Best: Super cool residential furniture
  • Cool Collabs: Thomas O’Brien, Bunny Williams

So, next time you’re dreaming of a fancy piece of furniture with a whole lot of history and love, remember Century Furniture. They’re the real deal!

Taylor King

Taylor King: Awesome Furniture For Your Place

Ever come across Taylor King? They’ve been crafting furniture for nearly half a century. They produce some super comfy and stylish stuff. Let’s dive in!

All You Need to Know About Taylor King’s Stuff

Taylor King kicked off with three simple principles: passion, craftsmanship, and teamwork. They proudly craft unique pieces right here in the U.S. Their fabric selections? Top-notch! From classy to casual, they’ve got you covered for any home vibe.

So, how’s it all made? Every item is handcrafted by a dedicated artisan. Order a bunch of the same thing? One person crafts them all. Neat, huh? Their pieces are sturdy, wood-based. Inside, there’s a mix of springs and plush materials for maximum comfort. You even get cushion options! The exteriors? Silky smooth and easy on the eyes. Plus, they pay attention to details, like ensuring fabric designs align perfectly. Some shiny handcrafted bits? Yep, they’ve added those!

The cherry on top? Tons of fabric and color options. Need a tweak here and there? No worries. They can lengthen a sofa or raise a chair. Taylor King is all ears.

Why Go With Taylor King?

Why Taylor King, you ask? Decades of experience and pure dedication. From sofas to chairs, they craft them all. Every piece? Perfecto! They turn furniture wishes into reality!

Quick Taylor King Snapshot

  • Name: Taylor King
  • In the Biz: Roughly 50 years
  • Their Specialty: Cool furniture

Did You Know? They’ve got over 1600 fabric options! Thinking of a furniture upgrade? Taylor King’s got your back. They’re pros at what they do!

King Hickory Furniture

King Hickory: Crafting Quality Furniture for Every Home

Let me introduce you to King Hickory. This company has been making furniture for a long time, over 50 years! They started in Hickory, North Carolina, and they’re still there, making amazing furniture for homes like yours.

King Hickory’s Journey

King Hickory is a family business. They started in 1958 and have been making top-notch furniture ever since. Hickory is a special place for furniture. Why? Because it’s close to some of the best woods, and it has many skilled workers. These workers love making furniture and are very good at it.

What makes King Hickory special? Three things: strong frames, skilled workers, and great springs. They use dry woods to make their frames super strong. They also use new technology to design frames in cool shapes. The workers at King Hickory are experts. Many have been with the company for over 25 years! And the springs? They use a special method called “8 way hand tied springs.” This makes their furniture super comfy. They also use the best materials for cushions and offer many fabrics and leathers. So, you can pick what you like best!

Why Choose King Hickory

If you want quality furniture for your home, King Hickory is an excellent choice. They have sofas, chairs, and other room furniture. They care about making furniture that looks good and lasts a long time. They have a big collection, so you can find something you love. Whether you want a comfy sofa or a stylish hickory chair, King Hickory has it.

Quick Info on King Hickory

  • Name: King Hickory Furniture Company
  • Started in: 1958
  • Location: Hickory, North Carolina
  • What They Do: Quality upholstered fabric and leather furniture
  • Special Fact: They use “8 way hand tied springs” for extra comfort.
  • Showroom: High Point Showroom, 200 North Hamilton Street, Suite 207, High Point, NC 27262 (Note: Only for trade visitors)

So, next time you’re thinking about new furniture, remember King Hickory. They’ve been making homes beautiful for over 50 years!


Braxton Culler: Your Go-To Place for Unique and Stylish Home Furnishings

Let’s talk about a cool company named Braxton Culler Inc. They started way back in 1975 and guess what? They’ve been growing strong for 35 years! They were first known for their special lightweight Wicker and Rattan furniture. But now, they make all kinds of things for homes, patios, and outdoor spaces.

All About Braxton Culler

Braxton Culler is a family business and they care a lot about making nice furniture. They offer over 1000 fabric choices and 15 wood finishes. That means you can pick and choose to make your furniture look exactly how you want it! With over 1000 pieces of furniture, you can mix and match to show your own style. They make sure their customers can create the perfect combos to show their individual taste and lifestyle.

Their company is in High Point, NC, and it’s big! They have over 410,000 square feet where they make their furniture. That’s a lot of space to create lots of beautiful things for your home!

Why Choose Braxton Culler

So, why think about Braxton Culler when you want new furniture? Well, they have lots of options for every room in your house, and even for outside! Whether you want something comfy to sit on in your living room, or a nice table for your dining room, they have it. And remember those 1000 fabric choices? That means you can get something really special. They’re not just making furniture; they’re helping you make your space just how you like it!

Quick Info on Braxton Culler

  • Name: Braxton Culler Inc.
  • Started: 1975
  • Location: High Point, NC
  • What They Do: Make lots of different furniture, like Wicker/Rattan, Upholstery, Occasional, Bedroom, Dining Room, and Outdoor pieces.
  • Special Fact: They offer over 1000 fabric choices and 15 wood finishes!

So, if you’re dreaming of a new look for your home, patio, or outdoor space, think of Braxton Culler. They’ve got the choices and quality you want!

About Us | Furnishing Homes Since 1969 | Furnitureland South

Furnitureland South: The Biggest Store for All Your Furniture Needs

Hi friends! Let me tell you about a super cool place called Furnitureland South. This place is huge and has so many things for your home! It’s the biggest furniture store in the whole world. Can you believe it? It’s in Jamestown, NC, and has been helping people find great furniture since 1969.

All About Furnitureland South:

Furnitureland South isn’t just a store; it’s a giant place where you can find over 1,000 different brands of furniture and accessories. That means you can find the best stuff for your home, all in one place. They promise to give you great prices on really nice things. And they work with so many furniture makers to give you special prices that you can’t find anywhere else.

Their mission, or their big goal, is to give you a super fun shopping experience. They want you to find quality, or really good, home furnishings and they promise to be excellent and honest in value and service. That means they want to help you find the best stuff and give you the best service!

Why Choose Furnitureland South:

But wait, there’s more! Furnitureland South has Design Consultants. These are people who help you pick out your furniture and make your home look just how you want it. And they help you for free! No matter how big or small your project is, they help you from start to finish. They want to make your dream home come true.

And if you like deals, they have an Outlet with over 300,000 square feet of space. That’s a lot! You can find Market Samples, special pieces, and more at really good prices. You can get top designer styles for up to 70% off and take them home right away!

Quick Info on Furnitureland South

  • Name: Furnitureland South
  • Location: Jamestown, NC
  • What They Do: Sell lots of different furniture from over 1,000 brands
  • Special Fact: They are the world’s largest furniture store with 1.3 million square feet!

So, if you need new furniture, think of Furnitureland South. They have so much to choose from and will help you make your home look just how you want it!

Luke’s Furniture Company: Crafting Memories for Every Home

Let’s chat about a special place called Luke’s Furniture Company. This isn’t just any furniture store. It has a heartwarming story behind it. The company started in a small garage and grew because of love, hard work, and family.

The Heart of Luke’s Furniture

When Luke was a kid, he learned about woodworking from his dad and granddad. But he didn’t start making furniture until he got his own house. He made pieces for his home and remembered all the things he learned when he was young. When his daughter was born early, his wife had to stay home. To help his family, Luke began making furniture for others in his garage. He worked hard, especially when his daughter was sleeping. After some time, he got a bigger place to work. Now, he has a big showroom and studio in Wilmington.

Luke’s Furniture Company makes special pieces for homes. They believe furniture is not just for rooms but for life. They make things for family dinners, big parties, and even home offices. Whether you have a design in mind or need help, they can make it for you. And if you can’t visit them in Wilmington, don’t worry! They can send things all over the country and even work with you online.

Why Choose Luke’s Furniture

Luke promises to make sure you’re happy with what you get. If you live close to Wilmington and something goes wrong with your furniture in the first year, they’ll fix it for you. If you live farther away, they’ll find someone near you to help or even pay for some of the repair costs. They care about their work and their customers.

Quick Info on Luke’s Furniture Company

  • Name: Luke’s Furniture Company
  • Location: Wilmington
  • What They Do: Make custom furniture for homes
  • Special Fact: Started in a garage and grew because of family and hard work.

So, if you want furniture that has a story and is made with love, think of Luke’s Furniture Company. They know how to make homes feel special!

Top-Notch Home Furniture For Your Brand | HomeMore

HomeMore: The Best in Smart and Space-Saving Furniture

Ever heard of HomeMore? It’s not just another furniture shop. They make super cool furniture that’s both space-saving and techy. Imagine a chair or table that’s not just pretty but also packed with the latest tech. That’s HomeMore for you!

The Craftsmanship About HomeMore

HomeMore started with a simple dream: making furniture perfect for today’s homes. Lots of us live in cozy spaces, so we need stuff that fits just right. But HomeMore thought bigger. They saw a future where furniture is also smart. Think of a chair that doesn’t just sit there but does cool stuff too.

The journey of HomeMore is all about passion and fresh ideas. The founder, inspired by his love for woodwork, wanted furniture that’s perfect for today. From starting small to now being a big name, HomeMore has always been ahead in furniture design. They even team up with big tech names like Alibaba and BaiDu to add the latest tech to their pieces.

Why HomeMore is Awesome

What’s so special about HomeMore? First, they’re all about design. They have a team that’s always looking at what’s trendy and what people want. So, their stuff always looks fab. Next, they think about how furniture can be more useful. It’s not just about looking good. It’s about making our lives better. Whether it’s a couch with a phone charger or a table that moves up and down with a button, HomeMore’s got it.

And the best part? HomeMore cares. They pick the best materials that are good for our planet. They test their stuff to make sure it’s top-notch. And guess what? They’ve got stores in both Europe and the US, so they can send their cool furniture everywhere.

Quick Info on HomeMore

  • Name: HomeMore
  • What They’re Known For: Smart and Space-Saving Furniture
  • Dream: Making future-ready furniture for everyone
  • Cool Features: Trendy designs, latest tech, and super useful

So, if you’re on the hunt for furniture that’s both stylish and smart, think HomeMore. They’re changing the furniture game!

100% automated SMT process, assembling 200 units per day.

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From space-saving designs to smart integrations, our furniture, backed by collaborations with giants like Alibaba® and Baidu®, redefines modern living.

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Baker Furniture: Where Old Meets New in Home Furnishings

Baker Furniture has been around for ages, since 1902 to be exact! That’s a long time, right? They’re one of the classic furniture names in North Carolina. But they’re not just old school; they mix tradition with fresh designs, making homes shine.

Why Everyone Loves Baker Furniture:

Baker Furniture is like that friend who always knows what’s trendy. Their dining room stuff? Absolutely fab! So many styles, so many choices. You’ll definitely find something that makes dinner times extra special. And their living room pieces? Top-notch! Whether you’re a fan of comfy sectionals or elegant chairs, they’ve got the goods. But it’s not just about the looks. They put a lot of love and skill into each piece, making sure it lasts.

What’s super cool about Baker Furniture is their team. They’re like the friendly neighbor always ready to lend a hand. Need a mattress or some fancy room furniture? They’re on it. Got questions? They’re all ears, always ready to help out and make sure you get what you dream of.

Quick Info on Baker Furniture

  • Name: Baker Furniture
  • Been Around Since: 1902 (Yep, that long!)
  • What They Do Best: Super cool indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Why People Love Them: Their skill, the variety, and the awesome team behind the scenes

So, if you’re after furniture that’s got history, style, and quality, Baker Furniture is the name to remember. They’ve been making homes pop for more than a century!

High Point Market

High Point Market: The Ultimate Home Furnishings Hangout

All About High Point Market:

Ever heard of the High Point Market? It’s THE place to be for everything homey. Think of it as the biggest gathering for home stuff. Twice a year, when spring and fall roll around, it’s like a magnet pulling in over 75,000 folks who love home design. They’re all there, eager to see the newest, coolest things for homes.

Why Everyone’s Talking About High Point Market:

This isn’t just a market; it’s more like a big, fun get-together for home stuff lovers. You can spot all the brand-new items that everyone will be talking about. And we’re not just talking a few things; there are thousands of them! But it’s not just about shopping; it’s about meeting people. It’s the perfect spot to catch up on the latest trends, chat with friends, and even make some new ones. And if you’ve got a business, it’s the best place to pick up some fresh ideas.

Quick Info on High Point Market

  • Name: High Point Market
  • What’s It Known For: Being the biggest event for home goodies
  • When’s the Party: Spring and Fall
  • Who’s There: A whopping 75,000+ home design fans
  • Highlights: Loads of new products, great chats, and tons of inspiration

So, if homes are your thing, or you’re in the business of making homes look fab, you’ve got to check out High Point Market. It’s where all the home magic happens!


Choosing the right furniture manufacturer in North Carolina can make all the difference for B2B buyers. With over a century of craftsmanship, companies like Baker Furniture have proven their worth with consistent quality. High Point Market, hosting over 75,000 industry professionals twice a year, showcases the vast array of options available. For instance, while HomeMore excels in multifunctional furniture, boasting both space-saving and smart features, Baker Furniture blends tradition with modern designs. By comparing the offerings, understanding the trends, and leveraging the data from these industry giants, B2B buyers can make informed decisions that cater to their specific needs. In the ever-evolving furniture industry of North Carolina, staying updated and making data-driven choices is the key to success.

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