Buyer’s Guide: Trustworthy Side Table Manufacturers to Consider

Alright, folks, let’s chat about a piece of furniture that’s found a spot in almost every home: the side table. The world’s got a massive furniture market, with lots of changing styles. But the side table? It’s always there, right by our side.

In 2021, the global furniture market was huge, worth about $545 billion (Statista). We often talk about big couches or fancy coffee tables, but the little side table? It’s got its own charm. It’s the buddy for your comfy chair or the spot for your favorite decorations. It’s like the quiet friend who’s always there for you.

Think about it. Your coffee table might hold some magazines or cups, but a side table can change the whole look of a room. Haven’t we all just put down our hot tea on one while watching a show?

If you’re diving into the business of selling furniture to other businesses, don’t forget the side table. Picking the best makers of these tables can really help your business. In the world of decorating, sometimes it’s the little things that stand out the most.

World Interiors

World Interiors: Crafting Sustainable Side Tables with a Touch of Elegance

Back in 2008, when money was tight for a lot of people, there was a company in Austin, Texas that had a big idea. It was called World Interiors. They wondered: Can we make solid wood furniture that’s not too pricey? And can we do it without hurting the environment? Because of these questions, in 2011, they started a brand that focused on making furniture in a green way.

Now, let’s chat about side tables. The ones from World Interiors aren’t just regular tables. They’re special. They’re made with care and tell a story. Each table shows that they care about the planet and love cool designs. Imagine having a table that’s not just good-looking but also good for the earth. That’s what World Interiors does!

But there’s more. They really care about the planet. They make sure to get materials and make their furniture in a way that’s kind to nature. And guess what? Every time someone buys a table, they plant a tree with The Mango Foundation. So, it’s not just about selling stuff for them; they want to help out too.

Before we talk about another company, let’s give a big shoutout to World Interiors. If you’re ever in Austin, pop by and see their stuff. You’ll see how much love and care go into everything they make.

World Interiors Snapshot

  • Location: 8219 Burleson Rd., Ste. 500, Austin, Texas 78744
  • Specialty: Handcrafted solid hardwood furniture with a focus on sustainability.
  • Unique Touch: A tree planted for every table sold.
Marble Wall Decor & Wall Frame Decor | OIXDESIGN | SquareSoft

OIXDESIGN: Pioneering Marble Elegance in Side Tables and Beyond

From the beautiful place called British Columbia in Canada, a new kind of furniture company was born. It’s called OIXDESIGN and is led by a smart lady named Ms. Kay. They have a cool goal: make marble furniture in a new and better way. And hey, they’re not just thinking about big dining tables. They’re making lovely marble coffee tables and side tables for our homes.

Have you ever tried to move a heavy marble table? It’s super hard, right? OIXDESIGN saw this problem and thought, “Let’s fix it!” Their tables have cool things like SwiftAssembly and EasyMove. This means even a marble table can be easy to put together and move. Imagine that!

But wait, there’s more. OIXDESIGN cares about our earth a lot. If there’s any marble left after making a table, they don’t throw it away. Instead, they turn it into beautiful home stuff. And guess what? Some of their tables can even charge your phone without any wires. It’s like having a stylish table that’s also super handy!

Before we chat about another great company, let’s give a big thumbs up to OIXDESIGN. They’ve made us think differently about marble tables, especially the small ones for our living rooms. If you want something fancy, smart, and good for the planet, keep an eye on them.


  • Origin: British Columbia, Canada
  • Specialty: Innovative marble furniture with a focus on side tables and coffee tables.
  • Features: SwiftAssembly, EasyMove, and integrated wireless charging.
  • Sustainability: Zero-waste approach with repurposed marble.


ROVECONCEPTS: Weaving Excellence and Sustainability into Every Piece of Furniture

Embarking on a journey through the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, ROVECONCEPTS sprouted in 2011, with a fervent desire to rejuvenate the furniture industry. Their story isn’t merely about crafting furniture; it’s about creating an experience, a connection between contemporary design and those who ardently seek it. And yes, dear readers, this includes those splendid side tables that grace our living rooms with their silent, steadfast presence.

Imagine a rectangle coffee table, meticulously crafted, sitting elegantly in your living room, whispering tales of sustainable craftsmanship and modern design. ROVECONCEPTS doesn’t just create a piece of furniture; they curate an experience, ensuring that every stitch, every detail, speaks volumes about its quality and the craftsmanship that went into its creation. Their devotion to the craft is evident in their products, which range from the largest sectional sofas to the smallest, most intricate details of a side table.

But the tale doesn’t end with just the creation of exquisite furniture. ROVECONCEPTS is deeply rooted in sustainability, a commitment that has been present since their inception. Their journey from planting trees to incorporating luxury natural materials into their eco-friendly designs speaks volumes about their dedication to reducing their impact on our beautiful planet. And it’s not just about using the best materials; it’s about ensuring that these materials are crafted into products that exude impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail, whether it’s a grand sofa or a modest side table.

As we transition from the story of ROVECONCEPTS to our next spotlight, let’s carry with us their commitment to quality, sustainability, and the beautiful blend of modern design with traditional craftsmanship. Their journey from a small startup doing photoshoots in the back of a warehouse to capturing the essence of exquisite furniture in opulent homes across the United States and Canada is truly inspiring.


  • Location: Pacific Northwest
  • Specialty: High-quality, sustainable furniture with a modern design, including side tables and coffee tables.
  • Sustainability: Committed to eco-friendly designs and meaningful environmental initiatives.
  • Craftsmanship: A blend of traditional hand-made goods with innovative technology.

Hope this gives you a nice picture of ROVECONCEPTS and their awesome work!


HUPPÉ: Half a Century of Crafting Excellence in Furniture, Including Noteworthy Side Tables

Let’s talk about a company that’s been making awesome furniture for over 50 years – HUPPÉ. They started way back in 1967, focusing on making strong cedar chests. Now, they make all kinds of furniture that you can find in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining areas all over North America and even around the world.

Picture this: a living room where a side table isn’t just useful but is also a piece of art. It tells a story of rich history and a promise of quality. HUPPÉ, which started in Canada, has grown to offer such artistic furniture(Like some MDF furniture). Every piece, from big wardrobes to little side tables, is made with amazing quality. From being a local maker to showing their stuff at big events like the High Point Market, their journey shows their dedication and creative spirit.

But HUPPÉ’s story isn’t just about furniture. It’s about people and change. It was started by Raymond Hamel, Aurèle Huppé, and Sylvio Huppé, then Jacques Hamel took over in 1991, and in 2010, Jean-François Nolin bought it. Each leader pushed HUPPÉ toward new and excellent things. They’ve worked with famous designers and started new lines, like “UP BY HUPPÉ” in 2012, to stay at the top of the furniture world, mixing traditional making with modern design.

When they celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2017, HUPPÉ wasn’t just marking a big moment. They were celebrating a legacy of making furniture that is “inspired by the very best materials, lovingly made and assembled in Canada.” As we move to talk about the next company, let’s remember HUPPÉ’s spirit, where every piece of furniture isn’t just made but is a creation that tells a story of excellence, creativity, and a timeless promise of quality.

Snapshot of HUPPÉ

  • Location: Canada
  • Specialty: High-quality, timeless furniture, including side tables, crafted and assembled in Canada.
  • Legacy: Over 50 years in the industry, evolving from cedar chests to a wide array of furniture.
  • Innovation: Notable collaborations with renowned designers and launch of innovative lines.
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BLUDOT: Designing a Creative Life with Purposeful Furniture

Let’s talk about a cool design story from Minneapolis. BLUDOT, started in 1997, was the dream of three college friends – two architects and a sculptor. They had one big goal: to bring good design to as many people as they could. And yes, that includes those stylish side tables that we all love in our living rooms.

Picture this: a side table that tells a story of creativity and teamwork. BLUDOT makes sure every piece, from big sofas to small side tables, isn’t just pretty but also has a purpose. Their designs aren’t just nice to look at; they show a way of life and how design can make our lives better and more fun.

But there’s more to BLUDOT than just making furniture. It’s about a community of people who love design, all playing an important part in making these designs real. Their shop in Minneapolis is a creative place where ideas are drawn, talked about, and brought to life. They also care a lot about being sustainable and good to the planet, making sure their designs are not only good-looking but also good for our world.

As we move from the story of BLUDOT, let’s give them a big high five for their dedication to making good design that everyone can enjoy. From starting in a tiny 300 square foot space to winning the big Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in 2018, BLUDOT really shows that good design is a wonderful journey.


  • Location: Minneapolis
  • Specialty: Purposeful, contemporary furniture designs, including side tables.
  • Philosophy: Good design should be accessible to all and serve a purpose.
  • Legacy: Over 20 years of design passion, with some designs still popular from their first collection.
knoll-logo | Inspirage

KNOLL: Crafting Modern Interiors with Timeless Elegance

Dive into the world of Knoll, a beacon of modern design since 1938. With its roots firmly planted in the belief of design-driven interiors, Knoll has been a game-changer in the furniture industry. And yes, among their vast portfolio, their side tables stand out, seamlessly blending into our living spaces, adding a touch of modern elegance.

Knoll isn’t just about furniture; it’s about creating an experience. Every piece, be it a grand sofa or a sleek side table, is designed with a purpose. Their commitment? To offer designs that not only look good but also cater to our modern lifestyles, making our spaces both functional and delightful. From their humble beginnings, sketched out on butcher paper in Minneapolis, to their global recognition today, Knoll’s journey is a testament to their dedication to design excellence.

But what truly sets Knoll apart is their people. A constellation of design enthusiasts, each playing a pivotal role in bringing their vision to life. Their collaborative approach, right from the design sketches to the final product, ensures that every piece is a masterpiece. Moreover, Knoll’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. They align with green building councils, striving to create designs that are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

As we transition to our next spotlight, let’s remember Knoll’s legacy. Over 80 years of design experience, a belief in modern aesthetics, and a commitment to sustainability. Their side tables and other furniture pieces are not just objects but stories of design passion and innovation.

KNOLL At A Glance

  • Location: Founded in Minneapolis, now internationally recognized.
  • Specialty: Modern furniture designs, including standout side tables.
  • Philosophy: Modern design that meets the diverse requirements of high-performance spaces.
  • Legacy: Over 80 years in the industry, with a commitment to sustainability.
Schneiderman's: Minneapolis + St. Paul Furniture Stores

SCHNEIDERMAN’S: Personalized Home Decor Without Breaking the Bank

Dive into the world of Schneiderman’s Furniture, where quality meets affordability. Founded by the dedicated Max Schneiderman, this brand has been a beacon of trust and value for countless homeowners. And yes, among their vast collection, their side tables stand out, offering a blend of functionality and style that fits seamlessly into any living space.

Imagine a side table, not just any table, but one that perfectly matches your personal style. Schneiderman’s Furniture offers this unique opportunity. With a vast selection of top-tier furniture brands, they provide the chance to customize almost every item, from texture to color. Their journey began in a small country grocery store, where furniture slowly took over the aisles. Today, they’ve grown into a trusted name, offering pieces for every corner of your home, from the living room to outdoor spaces. And the best part? Schneiderman’s believes that you shouldn’t have to empty your pockets to decorate your dream home.

Rooted in the principles of value, respect, and quality, Schneiderman’s Furniture has expanded its reach with six showrooms, five in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth. While they’ve grown and evolved, their commitment remains unchanged. They promise quality, exceptional service, and most importantly, great value. As we transition to our next spotlight, let’s appreciate Schneiderman’s dedication to offering personalized, quality furniture without the hefty price tag.


  • Location: Six showrooms, with five in the Twin Cities and one in Duluth.
  • Specialty: Customizable furniture, including standout side tables.
  • Philosophy: Quality furniture shouldn’t break the bank.
  • Legacy: Built on the principles of value, respect, and quality.
Build Your Own Furniture Store In 2023 | HomeMore

HomeMore: Pioneering Smart and Space-Saving Furniture Solutions Globally

Embark on a journey with HomeMore, a brand that has redefined the essence of modern, multifunctional, and space-saving furniture, especially in the realm of side tables. With a keen eye on developing furniture that offers more than what meets the eye, HomeMore has carved a niche in delivering innovative space-saving solutions, particularly catering to smaller living areas, ensuring comfort, and functionality coexist in every piece.

HomeMore’s story is one of evolution and adaptation. Beginning with simple repair tasks for basic household electronics, the brand expanded and transformed into a full-scale manufacturer of smart and space-saving furniture. Now, with a globally-competitive production facility and three warehouses in the west, HomeMore is not just a manufacturer but a dedicated partner providing a one-stop service, from offering a wide range of smart furniture to exceptional installation and technical support, ensuring brands achieve success.

The side tables by HomeMore are not mere furniture pieces but a blend of modern technology and in-house design, ensuring they are more than static fixtures in a home. They are entertainment and space-saving products, designed by a capable team that develops the concept, aesthetics, and performance capabilities of the furniture, ensuring they meet current trends and consumer demands. The integration of the latest electronic and communication technology in every piece of furniture ensures they’re ahead of the curve, providing a futuristic touch to every living space.

HomeMore’s philosophy is deeply rooted in innovation, creation, and bringing the future to the now. With a robust technology integration in modern home products, they answer the call for “the furniture of the future.” The brand strives to meet the demand for space-saving and functional furniture through continuous development and superior manufacturing processes, ensuring every piece from HomeMore is not just a piece of furniture but a piece of the future.

HomeMore Quick Look

  • Location: Global presence with a competitive production facility and three western warehouses.
  • Specialty: Multifunctional and smart furniture, with a spotlight on innovative side tables.
  • Philosophy: Bringing the future to the now with innovative, space-saving solutions.
  • Unique Approach: In-house design and modern technology integration in every piece.

As we delve deeper into the world of furniture, let’s carry forward the innovative spirit of HomeMore, where every piece of furniture is a step towards the future, blending functionality, technology, and design into one.

100% automated SMT process, assembling 200 units per day.

Round Side Table With Speaker & Party Light 06

From space-saving designs to smart integrations, our furniture, backed by collaborations with giants like Alibaba® and Baidu®, redefines modern living.

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Furniture factories, suppliers, manufacturers in Asia, Vietnam - CAINVER

CAINVER: Bridging Quality Furniture Makers and Consumers with a Heart

Meet CAINVER, a brand that emerged from a journey of discovering innovative and excellent Asian factories producing astute, varied designs of high-quality furniture, including those nifty side tables that catch your eye. CAINVER noticed a gap: many of these factories, despite their quality production, were closing due to lack of reliable partners and stable outlets for their products. On the flip side, consumers were in a pickle, either forced to buy high-priced imported goods or settle for items that didn’t quite match their income.

CAINVER stepped in with a mission: to serve as a bridge between these diligent enterprises and consumers, ensuring that the newest designs of the best quality, yes, including those sleek side tables, are accessible at factory prices. They aspire to utilize the advantages of IT to introduce consumers to products that not only satisfy their home furnishing demands but also are economically accessible. CAINVER is not just about furniture; it’s about ensuring that every piece, from a grand wardrobe to a compact side table, tells a story of quality, affordability, and style.

Inspired and named after “Caritas in Veritate” (Charity in Truth), CAINVER is driven by values rooted in essential freedoms: Expression, Information, Opportunity, and Belonging. They believe in fostering a space where people can freely express, access information, have opportunities to succeed, and find a community to belong to. So, as we transition to our next spotlight, let’s appreciate CAINVER’s dedication to not just connecting businesses and consumers but doing so with a genuine heart and ethical values.

CAINVER In A Nutshell

  • Location: Not specified.
  • Specialty: Offering a wide range of quality, affordable furniture, including side tables.
  • Philosophy: Bridging consumers and enterprises with a focus on freedom and ethical values.
  • Mission: To provide everyone access to quality home items and help factories find a stable market.
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PERIGOLD: Unleashing Extraordinary, High-Quality Home Designs to Every Home

Step into the world of Perigold, where the extraordinary becomes the standard. Established in 2017, Perigold envisioned a platform where the highest quality, original home designs, including those chic side tables, are accessible without the need for exclusive showroom access. Imagine a place where design enthusiasts can explore and acquire meticulously crafted pieces, fitting precisely their style and every space in their home. That’s what Perigold brought to life – a community that directly connects customers to the design world, its brands, and its voices.

Perigold is not just a platform but a promise – The Perigold Promise. A belief that beautiful, intentionally crafted things are always worth it. They are dedicated to sourcing the highest-quality furnishings, ensuring competitive pricing so that you never overpay and never have to shop around. Once you find that perfect side table or that exquisite lamp, Perigold ensures it gets to you, hassle-free. They stand by the belief that there should be no limit to extraordinary living, and with their expert-vetted and -curated selection, every style and space, whether traditional or modern, indoor or outdoor, finds its match.

With brands like Flos, Moooi, and Theodore Alexander, and hundreds more of the most cherished names in their repertoire, Perigold is a treasure trove of premium home brands, all living together in one place. As we transition to our next spotlight, let’s carry forward the spirit of Perigold – a spirit that believes in creating extraordinary spaces and bringing them to life with expert advice, quality, and authenticity.


  • Location: Online platform.
  • Specialty: High-quality, original home designs, including notable side tables.
  • Philosophy: Ensuring access to the highest quality home designs without limits.
  • Promise: Sourcing high-quality furnishings with competitive pricing and hassle-free delivery.


Choosing the right side table manufacturer can be a game-changer for B2B businesses. From our exploration, Schneiderman’s stands out for its customizable options, ensuring a personal touch for every piece. Their inventory complements every room, and with brands like King Hickory and Flexsteel, quality is guaranteed. On the other hand, HomeMore offers a blend of modern technology and design, especially in their multifunctional furniture. Their production capacity, ranging from 1-200 units/day, ensures timely delivery. Lastly, Perigold, with its vast collection of premium brands, offers a one-stop solution for diverse designs. For B2B buyers, considering factors like customization, production capacity, and brand variety can make a significant difference. By comparing these manufacturers, businesses can make informed decisions, ensuring they get the best value and quality for their investment.

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