smart bedside table with safe box
smart bedside table with safe box (3)
smart bedside table with safe box (2)
smart bedside table with safe box (2)
smart bedside table with safe box (1)
smart bedside table with safe box (1)
smart bedside table with safe box (3)
smart bedside table with safe box (2)
smart bedside table with safe box (2)
smart bedside table with safe box (1)
smart bedside table with safe box (1)

Model: M3115
This innovative bedside table features a wireless charging port, touch-responsive lighting, and a discreet lower safe box accessible via key or password. Choose from a variety of colors to customize your nightstand, and experience the durability of eco-leather and the smooth operation of silent drawer tracks. Elevate your bedroom with a stylish, versatile, and secure Smart Nightstand, where modern design meets practical convenience.

1. 3 color's ligting

2. 15W wireless charging

3. USB & type C for cable charging

4. Bluetooth Speaker

5. Safe box

Touch intelligent lighting

3 colors' LED lighting

Dive into ambiance with our smart nightstand's touch-responsive lighting. Illuminate your space in three enchanting hues effortlessly by tapping the tabletop. Enhance your surroundings with a touch of brilliance and contemporary design.

15W Wireless charging Square Bedside Table Two Drawers

15W Wireless charging

Experience seamless charging with our smart bedside table. Effortlessly power up your devices with sleek wireless charging, eliminating clutter. Elevate your space with modern design and cutting-edge convenience.

USB charging bedside table

USB charging port

Effortlessly empower your devices with our intelligent nightstand. Equipped with a convenient USB and Type C charging port, this sleek addition ensures seamless charging for all your smart devices. Stay connected and powered up with ease, as our nightstand effortlessly blends modern convenience with sophisticated design. Say goodbye to searching for outlets and embrace the simplicity of charging your devices right at your bedside. Elevate your charging experience with our smart nightstand, designed to keep your devices ready for whatever comes next

nightstand with bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker

Explore our smart bedside table, featuring Bluetooth speakers on each side. Connect your smartphone effortlessly for a personalized music experience at your fingertips. This modern bedside solution combines practical storage with seamless wireless sound integration, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your bedroom. Upgrade your space with our smart bedside cabinet, where innovative design meets the simplicity of wireless audio. Transform your bedtime routine and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and music, all in one stylish piece.

nightstand with safe cabinet

Safe box

Discover peace of mind with our nightstand's secure lower compartment. Unlock it effortlessly using a key or password, revealing a robust lock that exemplifies uncompromising security. Infuse your bedroom with a touch of safety and sophistication, ensuring your valuables are kept under reliable protection

High quality hardware sliding rail Square Bedside Table Two Drawers

Sliding rail

Experience the epitome of smooth functionality with our smart nightstand's silent drawer track. Effortlessly glide open drawers without a sound, adding a touch of seamless, noise-free operation to your bedroom ambiance.

ECO Leather Material Square Bedside Table Two Drawers 01

ECO Leather

Experience enduring style with our safe box bedside table featuring eco-leather. Durable and waterproof, this ecological leather adds a timeless touch, ensuring longevity. Easy to clean, it effortlessly combines functionality with lasting elegance.

bedside table with safe case

Safe box size


wireless charging nightstand with safe box

Table size


bluetooth bedside table with wireless charging

Various colors

Unleash your creativity with our smart nightstand's palette of possibilities. From vibrant hues to subtle tones, tailor your bedside companion to reflect your distinctive style with a spectrum of color choices.


Model M3115
Material MDF, leather, tempered glass, metal
Function Configuration 3 colors LED light with gradient color
15W of wireless charging
Bluetooth speaker
USB & type C charging
Safe box
Speaker 10W THD≤1%
Sensor light /
Power adapter AC 100-240V ,
Tweeter  4Ω/5w*2pcs
Audio response 100HZ-18KHZ
Weight 23kgs
Connection mode BT connection
Wireless Charger 15W
Power supply mode AC power supply
Product size W45*D40*H53.5CM
Color White,grey, blue, orange, black(customized)